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Malcolm Low - President - 2nd Year Economics

Hey I’m Malcolm, your incoming President for this year!! I’m in my 2nd year of Economics but you probably won’t catch me in any of the lectures. In my free time I enjoy playing volleyball, badminton and basketball, and going out with my friends. I’m looking forward to expanding the reach of ABACUS by running bigger, and better events this year.

Leann Stewart - Vice President - 2nd Year Economics

Hi! I'm Leann, your Vice President and Welfare Officer for this year. My role mainly involves supporting the rest the exec wherever needed in bringing ABACUS events to life. In my free time, I enjoy playing the violin and running. I think the sense of community and family we have at ABACUS is pretty unique and I can't wait to see you all at future events!

Susan Huang - Treasurer - 2nd Year Economics

Hi everyone, I’m Susan, ABACUS’ treasurer for this year! My role involves overseeing all things money within ABACUS, in particular, budgeting, so we can bring you all the best events possible. Outside of academics, I enjoy playing piano, filming and editing videos, and trying new food. I’ve met some of my closest friends through ABACUS and I hope that we can provide a welcoming environment for you to have fun and meet new people. Looking forward to meeting you all at our events!

Marguerite Pan - Secretary - 2nd Year English and History

Hi, I'm Marguerite! As the Secretary I am in charge of the very website you are on right now, making sign-up forms for events and sending email newsletters to members. I have met so many wonderful people through ABACUS and I hope I can create the same experience for our members!

Dalen Lim - 2nd Year Computer Science with Business Studies - Social Secretary

Hi hi, I'm Dalen. I aspire to be a tech girly(software engineering typa thing). some of my hobbies include working out, travelling, boxing and buying cute gym clothes. I’m looking forward to making ABACUS a society where everyone feels welcome and goes back home drunk. I love how ABACUS gave me the opportunity to meet my wonderful friends and have the time of my life especially during circling. I will make sure this year would be even better and greater.

Duan Duong - Publicity Officer - Year 1 Management

Hi I’m Dan, your publicity officer for 23/24. My role at ABACUS involves creating posts, merchandise, and all things marketing! In my spare time, I like practicing music, sports and playing video games. I look forward to sharing joyful memories with everyone!

Yuran Xiao - Sponsorship Officer - 2nd Year Economics

I’m yuran, abacus’ sponsorships officer for 23/24. I’m a second year economics student. I love good food and going out to try new places (i’m still working on my goal to try all the bubble tea stores in chinatown london) as well as making food too, so you’ll spot me at any food related events! I also love to read, going to art galleries, sunset watching and getting free toast at kasbah.

Tina Li - Events Officer - 2nd Year Sociology and Criminology

Hi I’m tina. I currently study sociology and criminology. As the events officer I want to branch out and explore different types of events and activities to be more inclusive and welcoming to new and old members. My interest outside of my degree lie within moral philosophy specifically ethical theories. Abacus to me brings a sense of community from shared experiences, allowing people to enjoy each other’s cultures.

Calvin Trinh - Sports Officer - Economics

Hey, I’m Calvin and I will be your Sports Officer for this year! I am quite interested in the research field of Economics and love learning about economic theory and its applicability. My favourite sports are Football, Volleyball and Skiing but i generally like any sports. My role this year is to ensure ABACUS has an active role in sports leagues as well as organise sports events for the society. I love how welcome ABACUS makes everyone feel and hope that our new team can do the same this year.

Viola Leung - Ball Secretary - English Language and Linguistics - Ball Secretary

Hi, I'm Viola! As the ball secretary, I’m in charge of organising and planning everything to do with the ABACUS annual ball Interests/hobbies: I like dancing, reading and crocheting What I like about ABACUS/look forward to in the society: I think the best thing about ABACUS is the unique sense of community that the members create, and I’m looking forward to having more fun with ABACUS before I graduate :)

Michael Lee - Marketing Fresher Representative - 1st Year Cyber Security

Hi, I'm Michael! I will be assisting with marketing for our amazing abacus events! Interests/hobbies: Volleyball Football Musicals Filmmaking I love abacus’ community and the variety of events it has for everyone. I’m looking forward to making more memories with everyone and taking part in their sports teams and future events.

Pheobe Leung - Events Fresher Representative - Accounting and Finance

Hi, I'm Pheobe! I'll be supporting the exec in running events and helping to create an inclusive atmosphere. Outside of studies, I enjoy listening to music, playing piano and hanging out with friends <3 I'm really excited about all the events we've got lined up and can't wait to see you guys there!

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